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We offer a wide range of services customized for our clients needs. Our services are designed to show you where people are talking about you, the areas where you can best get involved, and the tactics you should use to help increase brand awareness.

Strategic Planning

Do you have a communications or marketing budget but aren’t sure where to start? We can assess your needs, outline opportunities, and prescribe specific actions for long-term success. We work with you to create a strategy that carves a space for your organization which includes understanding your market, crafting ideas, and integrating recent trends.

Content Marketing

Do you have a strong content marketing strategy? Does your team have confidence in the content it shares? Make sure your prospects receive the right information at the right time. You need clear, consistent print, web, audio and video materials to convey your story when you’re not there in person to do it yourself. We focus on delivering your brand story through content.

Event Communications

Looking for an extra hand to help increase awareness, attendance and impact of your event? MSC will create and implement a strategy that is perfect for you and your organization.


MSC offers training to help your organization implement a marketing and communications strategy. While providing training you can expect not new knowledge on how to use your social media, website and emails to make the biggest impact.